A German icon now available in Canada
A German icon now available in Canada
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Our Story

How the SunHaus came to be:

In the summer of 2019 the founder’s wife inherited a German outdoor furniture icon called “Strandkorb” from her cousin. The two were like sisters and, although separated by the Atlantic, the two visited each other regularly. They spent much time together in the “Strandkorb” chatting and chilling. It became a little oasis on the cousin’s balcony. Earlier that year, she passed away after a short battle with cancer and left the unique chair to the founder's wife.

The “Strandkorb” was transported to the family weekend home in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Once there it created much interest amongst family and friends due to its unique character and features. Since this premium piece of outdoor furniture was not available in Canada, the founder decided it was time to bring the “Strandkorb” under the name “SunHaus” to our shores and lakes.

The “Strandkorb” has graced German shorelines for many decades. It was invented in 1882 by a German basket weaver for a customer looking for shelter from wind and sand gusts. The reclineable beach chairs are used at most German seaside resorts where they are available for rent by vacationers. This cultural icon has made its way from the Northern and Baltic Sea beaches into the hearts of its owners.