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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the SunHaus recline?

Yes, the SunHaus can be reclined by using the lever on the side panel of the unit.  SunHaus can be positioned in the full upright position, the reclined position and anywhere in between!  For safety reasons please only operate the reclining livers when outside of the SunHaus.

Is assembly required?

The SunHaus will be delivered in two large boxes and must be assembled.  Detailed instructions are included and assembly is straightforward. We will provide instruction videos to assist you during assembly. 
Alternatively, let us assemble for you by choosing Stress-free Assembly during checkout.

What kind of warranty does the SunHaus have?

The SunHaus has a 1 year warranty on manufacturer defect.

What kind of material is used for the SunHaus cushions?

The SunHaus cushions are made from UV and fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant material.  All fixed cushions receive a water-repellent treatment. They are designed for outdoor family life.  Over the course of time, the impregnation wears off and we recommend using an impregnation spray to renew the protection.

How can I clean the cushion material?

SunHaus cushions are treated with a protector which will prevent many stains but accidents do happen.  Use mild soap and water on any spills and blot dry.

What kind of material is the wicker weave made of?

SunHaus wicker weave is made of recycled polyehtylene, which holds up well against UV fading.  Depending on the model, roughly 500 meters of wicker weave is used and 8-10 hours are needed for the weaver to create the SunHaus.

Do the wood parts of the SunHaus require maintenance?

The sustainable wood is impregnated with a commercially available wood protection glaze which may require renewal after extended wear.  

Can the SunHaus be left outside?  

The SunHaus should always be protected against extreme weather (ie. Canadian winter).  We highly recommend you use the protective cover offered on our website.  If the SunHaus becomes extremely wet, remove the cushions and ensure that they dry out fully and let the SunHaus dry in a ventilated space.

Where does the SunHaus come from and how long will it take to arrive?

The SunHaus is imported from Germany and therefore has an extended delivery time, however, we do carry inventory in our warehouse in Mississauga, ON.

How much does a SunHaus weigh?

Depending on the model, the SunHaus weighs between 45kg/100lbs and 90kg/200lbs.